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Rules for Competition Submissions
West Kingdom Brewers’ Guild Effective March Crown XXXIV

All entries must be in 12 oz. brown unmarked bottles sealed with plain bottle caps or corks. No labels on bottles or marks on caps. No fancy bottles - no exceptions! For cordials, bottles do not have to be full but need to contain eight oz. (1 cup) for judging please. I am only interested in the contents not the presentation.

  1. All documentation must be in a plain, easily readable font without your name on it. Please resist your favorite fancy font. We want the honor of reading your entry and appreciating your scholarship.
  2. When you present your entry for competition please enter your name on the list. Next to your name there will be two stickers with a number. Place one sticker on your bottle and one on your documentation. It is your responsibility to make sure the same number is on the bottle and the paper.
  3. Entries sent from far away for judging need to follow these restrictions. Please put a post it on your bottle and paper with your name and you will be assigned a number at random when your entry is received. Time permitting, you will also receive confirmation that your entry has arrived.
  4. Bottles and documentation without numbers will not be judged. Bottles with labels will not be judged. Bottles with marks on the lids will not be judged. Documentation with your name on it will not be judged.
We will make every effort to run Kingdom level competitions in the most anonymous manner possible. Documentation as well as skill are equally important, please do not be sloppy with either. We wish to offer equal opportunity to all contestants regardless of their skill level or the remoteness of their residence from the central kingdom. If you want "kind comments" judging only, please note this on your documentation. We want no one to be afraid of entering our competitions for any reason.

The West Kingdom Brewers’ Guild is not responsible for the judging of competitions at Principality Level. This is handled by our fine representatives and comments regarding their competitions should be directed to them.